Earthwork Music Collective Spring Tour 2023

Earthwork Music bands together for a special collaborative tour for the first time in five years

For the first time since 2018, Earthwork Music members will be banding together for a special tour across Michigan’s Lower Peninsula performing their songs and telling their stories. The collective will be going to:


The star-studded lineup will feature:


Dede Alder  |  Seth Bernard  |  Ralston Bowles  |   Sari Brown  |  Sarah Cohen (The Antivillains)  |  Samantha Cooper  |  Chris Good  |  Jordan Hamilton  |   Amber Hasan  |  Josh Holcomb  |  Audra Kubat  |  Elisabeth Pixley-Fink  |  Dan Rickabus (The Crane Wives)  |  Vince Russo (The Appleseed Collective)  |  Mike Savina (The Go Rounds)  |  Jo Serrapere (Stella!)  |  Nicholas James Thomasma  |  Ben Traverse


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