Airborne or Aquatic?

Airborne or Aquatic? is a psychedelic roots-rock collective, spawned in the Manistee National Forest of Northern Michigan. From the depths of oceanic riff rock, to the skies of atmospheric ambience, AoA? takes listeners on a sonic voyage. An ever-evolving collaboration, AoA? has grown and changed for more than a decade. The likes of Dave Bruzza, Mike Shimmin, May Erlewine, Luke Winslow-King, Susan Fawcett, Andy Catlin (the Lasso), Dustin Edwards and Ben Lau have all channeled their artistic energies into the project. In the band's current incarnation, Seth Bernard's songwriting and guitar-playing are backed by Jake Robinson's electric shredding, Joe VanAcker's bass foundation, the double-drumkit rhythm machine of Dan Rickabus and Scott Pelegrom, and Buchla-synth soundscapes from Glenn Brown.

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