Dede Alder

Dede Alder plays the marimba--not very rock 'n' roll, you might think. But listen: slinky, sinuous, bright tones accompany her musings on the fabulous follies and foibles of the human animal. She is proficient on several other instruments as well, as are the members of her band, the Dreamers: Josh Holcomb on viola; Chris Michels on bass; and John Driscoll on percussion. Her experiences with the Bahar Ensemble, and as music director for Circle Pines Center, only serve to enrich the multicultural stew that is Dede's music. Dede & Josh also peel off from the full band to play as a duo, focusing on creating original story sets that lead the audience through a deep exploration of our humanity. Lest that sound like work, this music is a lot of fun. Let the seeds grow. Daydream (2015) streaming on Spotify, and many others available at

Dede and the Dreamers


Dede & Josh