Sari Brown

Sari Brown is a poet, preacher, and priestess of song who curates dreams and cultivates beauty in the fertile gaps between cultures. Drawing on her life as an anthropologist and activist in South America and as a musician and pastor in Michigan, she is equal parts child of Motown music, mystical chants and Andean folkloric dance. Using textured soundscapes and vulnerable storytelling, her songs create holding spaces for healing, self-awareness and practices of abundant life. 

Sari has released two albums with Earthwork Music, For What is the Journey (2004) and The Color Suite (2009). She currently serves as a spiritual leader, advocate of immigrant rights, and impromptu-dance-party-promoter in the towns of Harbor Beach, MI and Port Hope, MI on the coast of Lake Huron.

After a decade-long hiatus from recording, Sari is working on a new album centered around healing, its mysteries and its pardoxes. She is currently sharing songs for our collective present moment from her IG-TV channel and Facebook page.

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Photo Credit: John Hanson