The Appleseed Collective

The Appleseed Collective is a staple of Michigan's music scene, now entering their 10th year as an ensemble. Acoustic virtuosity meets expertly blended vocals and animated stage presence for a show that reaches quiet pindrop moments of reverence as easily as it crashes into joyful laughter.

Andrew Brown's guitar playing will make you wonder how fingers can move that fast. Brandon Smith's violin and mandolin playing is as original as is his voice, soaked in authenticity. You may forget Eric O'Daly is playing the bass because he supports so well, but you certainly won't forget it when he sings. Vince Russo plays washboard trap kit percussion with all the joy of a kid in a toy shop, driving the songs forward with perfect feel. 

2020 marks the release of their latest studio album, "Antidote", 4 years in the making. It is an album both celebratory and heartbreaking, from the upbeat march of the introductory "In My Mind" through the last sparkling moments of O'Daly's "All I Know."

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