Alluvion - New EP From Mike Savina & Seth Bernard


1: the wash or flow of water against a shore.
2: the first release from Ecotone, an instrumental musical collaboration between Mike Savina and Seth Bernard.

Like the continual and phasic earth-building action of watersheds, Alluvion is a procession.

The music evolves and flows through vast sonic terrain—a lo-fi instrumental soundscape to use as a backdrop for navigating your space.

Intended for (but not limited to) moments of reflection and introspection, guided meditations, body work sessions, laying on your back with headphones and absorbing the final vibrant colors of autumn, discharging political tension, mending the past, maintaining and discovering the path.

Alluvion is out now for your listening pleasure! Make your favorite morning beverage, lace up your sneakers and head over to the Earthwork Music Bandcamp page to start the mystical sonic voyage. Bandcamp is a platform that treats artists equitably, and has been exceptionally supportive and considerate this year. Consider downloading Alluvion, and using Bandcamp to support all your favorite artists.

Alluvion by Ecotone