Big News: Next Chapter Moves

Since 2001, Earthwork Music has focused their collective efforts on music and community healing in Michigan and beyond. Functioning as both a small label and a charitable organization, Earthwork Music supports the releases of independent music and partners with nonprofits and communities to do both local and global projects focused on social justice, the environment and youth empowerment.

Since the fall of 2018, we’ve leaned into the chrysalis stage. We took our time, came together and took inventory of what was working along with what wasn’t until a collective path forward emerged.

We have blessed some dear, mainstay members who have chosen to migrate out, and welcomed others in with open arms. We are excited to re-emerge with renewed strength, clarity of purpose and an even deeper commitment to creating a culture of healing.

Earthwork Music founder Seth Bernard was recently interviewed by Jeff Milo for the Current publication: 

"Earthwork Collective Relaunches May 22: New Mission, New Vision, New Values"

"On May 22nd, Earthwork Music will relaunch, unveiling the fruits of a two-year overhaul: a new website, new logo and branding, new mission, vision, values, and organizational structure, and new artists! Between May 22nd and June 5th, Earthwork artists will be sharing new songs and videos, streaming live concerts and workshops on social media, and lifting up community calls to action with partners."

“Some of the things we’re most excited about are building shared-power and shared-leadership, and moving into the trueness of what a Collective really is…” - Seth Bernard