David Fetzer : The King of Pretend

Album cover for David Fetzer's "The King of Pretend"

1. The Boy in the Well
2. Love is
3. Out of Sight
4. Joaquin's Lullabye
5. Fruity
6. Careful, Johnny
7. Photogtaph
8. Something's Gonna Change
9. New Song with Helium
10. Love Me (Interlude)
11. Toss and Turn
12. I Don't Know
13. Anonymous Friend
14. Comatose
15. Water Song
16. Marionette's Waltz
17. If it's Hard to Hear Me
18. I Fell in Love with a Broken Heart
19. Tell Tale
20. Nobody is Everybody's Friend
21. Laa La La La Laa (secret track) 

    All songs written by David Ross Fetzer

    David - vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards, vibraphone, drum machine, clarinet, helium
    Susan Fawcett - violin, harmonica, mandolin (8, 9, 20)
    Seth Bernard - bass (6, 8, 19)

    Recorded by David Fetzer except 6, 8, 19 and 20 recorded by Dustin Edwards and 7 recorded by Seth Bernard

    Mastered by Ian Gorman at La Luna Recording and Sound

    Check out the album on Bandcamp // Available on all streaming platforms

    David Fetzer standing outside wearing a red trucker hat

    David Fetzer made magic out of thin air. He made comedy out of the drab. He made delicious movies, plays, comics, essays, poems and beer. He made friends everywhere he went.

    And he made music. Two full length Mushman records (with musical partner Patrick Fugit) and a treasure trove of home recordings.

    The King of Pretend exited stage left 10 years ago and would have turned 40 on December 17th, 2022. He’s not a famous person, he’s a legend who is still very much alive.

    What you have here is a gift from the heavens. A magnificent collection of raw, candid, gorgeous original songs, from the heart of a singular artist who no longer walks the earth, but lives in the air. Enjoy it, because you’ll never hear anything like it.

    Actually, you might… in a deep pocket of your best dream. But right here we have the chance to once again spend time being serenaded by our most marvelous friend, David Fetzer. The King of Pretend. His love never ends.

    David standing outside at the Earthwork Farm