Earthwork artist profile Vol. 6: Friends with the Weather


Friends with the Weather is holding down the tri-state vibe (members living in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana) in the Earthwork community with with their original blend of folk music melded by groovy rhythms and thought provoking lyrics. I had the chance to connect recently with the 3 core members, singer-songwriters Chris Good, Seth Hendricks, and David Hupp, who are digging in deeply to the fertile soil that is giving life to so many artists within the Michigan Music scene. -Mark Lavengood

1. Where does the band name Friends with the Weather come from?

Chris Good: Many Earthwork friends & fans will know part of this story! Seth Bernard's song "My Family" features the lyric "making friends with the weather." Seth is a dear friend and collaborator who was part of bringing this project into the world as co-producer & guitarist on our debut album. As we were pondering a band name, this lyric got stuck in our head as it captures the spirit of what we hope this project is all about. Both as artists as well as fathers, husbands, friends, collaborators, pastor, farmer, and teacher, we resonate deeply with the ethic of doing what we can in the world to make a positive impact with love, kindness, and a persistent optimism. The weather, no doubt, is often stormy and beyond our control, but we have the ability to engage each day with hearts wide open ready to dig in.

2. You recently released a music video for your song "Blessed for the Journey" that features a lot of historical footage in the aftermath of World War II. What's the story behind this compelling footage & why did you chose to pair it with your song?

Chris: The song "Blessed for the Journey" is the first song on our debut album. We had long wanted to accompany it with some sort of visual in a video format but the inspiration just hadn't struck. Last fall we crossed paths with Peggy Reiff Miller, a writer & historian who has collected an incredible archive of stories, pictures, and videos from the seagoing cowboys of the mid-late 1940s. The seagoing cowboys were individuals from across the United States & Canada who responded to the call to care for & transport livestock on an epic journey across the ocean, delivering the animals to the families & communities devastated by World War II. These stories, images, and video deeply moved us as examples of how simple acts of courage & love can create such profound ripples...lessons that feel so timely today amidst the world's problems and the all too common feelings of helplessness & disillusionment. With Peggy's permission, we had access to much of her archive, and brought that to the talented videographer Charlie Steen, who many will know from his work with The Accidentals and The River Street AnthologyWe're thrilled with how the video turned out ...the footage is so powerful and feels like the perfect companion for the music & lyric.

3. What does the future hold for FWTW? What are you excited about/looking forward to?

David Hupp: I look forward to FWTW establishing itself as a lasting songwriter band that also is able to rock. I am excited about creating and performing music that is relevant, and sturdy enough to survive the fickle changes of fashion. I am very pleased to be associated with some of the best musical artists Michigan has to offer (as well as an awesome Ohio guy). I look forward to the continued renewing of our personal energies- We are inspired by this diverse roster of Earthwork artists and by the audience we reach, an audience which has a hunger for music and words that are real.

Seth Hendricks: Collaboration is at the heart of what lies ahead and I am convinced our best art is still yet to come.