"For the Moon and the Sun" by Mister Chris & Friends speaks to the child in each of us

For the Moon and the Sun, the new album from the Mister Chris & Friends Band, is geared toward inspiring little ones and also speaks directly to the child that still lives in every one of us. 

Mister Chris and Friends - "For the Moon and the Sun"

The album opens as the sun is rising and leads us into the rhythms of the day, offering tender support and unconditional love with gentle acknowledgments, as in "I Can Hear Your Sound." Every track honors the need that littles have to be heard, loved, supported, understood, and nurtured.

These beautifully crafted songs have the power to become tradition, a collection that children can grow up with and through. They are the kind of songs that bring us back to our own childhood just by hearing the first 3 notes. This album broke through my skin and sweetly whisper words that I didn’t even know I needed to hear. From, ‘Sweet Sunshine’ to ‘These Days’ – each song bears a little life lesson, a subtle message of strength, or an invitation to just let go and dance like no one is watching, like you did when you were a kid.

"The Moon and the Sun" is a gift to all of us. Chris Dorman’s thoughtful voice acts as a translator, channels in simple language the essential message little ones of all ages need to hear - they are loved.

Along with the album, Mister Chris and Friends has released a collaborative video of "Yoo-Hoo," featuring the band, families from across the United States, first responders, and our healthcare workers singing together: "Yoo-hoo, I see you, I hear you, I love you."

-Audra Kubat

In other news, Chris Dorman and crew recently received a regional Emmy for their Vermont PBS show "Mister Chris And Friends"!

Local children's program takes home regional Emmy -Madeline Clark, VCTNG