New Earthwork artist Audra Kubat's Earth Day anthem

Audra Kubat, a masterful Detroit songstress who we are deeply honored to have join us as one of the newest members of Earthwork Music, recently released a mesmerizing video for of her song "Oh Mother" from her 2019 album The Sliver and the Salve.


Audra's Earth Day anthem is at turns a fierce rallying cry for justice and a tender love song to Mother Earth. The sparse, hauntingly beautiful music overlays a luscious montage of intimate, joyful communion with nature interspersed with industrial dissonance, stark grief, and the vibrant grit to rise up against the forces of destruction.

This is a hymn of praise that takes no prisoners, encapsulated in the vindicating lines of the refrain: "I trust in the world you have given to us / I will fight with my bones and my fists if I must / to shatter the walls they put up with fear / I will break all the rules just to keep her here."

 - Sari Brown