Welcoming new members of Earthwork Music!

New Earthwork Artists May 2020

We are delighted to announce the addition of seven new artists to our collective in this season of change for Earthwork Music, each of whom brings diverse and deep musical visions as well as other gifts for building community, encouraging creativity and uplifting our common vision.

These artists have already contributed their talent, sweat, and love to the Earthwork Music community in many ways, and we are honored to count them now as official members of our collective:

Amber Hasan -  A passionate, firecely independent, multi-talented poet, spoken word artist and MC, Amber brings a collaborative, healing presence also as an educator, counselor, herbalist and activist. She is a Flint native and resident who has been a champion for the people of her city, and has brought her art, insights and leadership to Earthwork Harvest Garthering and Title Track's River Quest. 

The AntivillainsLead by singer-songwriter Sarah Cohen, the Antivillians deliver alt-folk rock rooted in the Great Lakes region that creates an intimate space of reflection, revitalization and regional belonging. Sarah is a dedicated cook at Earthwork Harvest Gathering and all-around team player, and fellow bandmate and brother Ben Cohen is also a part of Earthwork via his band Heavy Color.

Audra Kubat - An understated force of nature, Audra writes insightful, gorgeous songs that have made her a long-cherished treasure of the Detroit music scene, and a natural fit with our collective as she works to create spaces of musical discovery and creative empowerment in her community, including the Detroit House of Music.

Ben Traverse - An emerging artist offering a unique take on archaic folk, old time and Celtic roots traditions, Ben Traverse will soon release his debut solo album as well as an album of sea shanties with Michael Dause of the Accidentals. His 8-bit electronic project, Hølborn, is a refreshing glass of pixelated magic. Ben was mentored by many Earthwork artists through the SEEDS program, has provided abundant sweat-equity collaboration with Earthwork efforts, and now comes into his own as an official member of the collective.

DJ TJ aka Beretta Shells - A hip hop producer, DJ, and MC with roots in Inkster and Detroit, DJ TJ spins soulful music that time travels to engage sounds and scenes of various generations. He is a part of the Aadizookaan Collective that creates interactive hip-hop experiences rooted in indigenous traditions. DJ TJ has been an integral part of Detroit Hip-Hop showcases at Earthwork Harvest Gathering and is a younger artist who is already working to empower youth.

Jordan Hamilton - A wizard of innovation with his cello-based, loop-weaving hip-hop soul-folk, Jordan Hamilton's music brings people together in a magical space of imaginging. In 2019 he earned several Jammie awards as a solo artist (including Album of the Year) and via his work with Last Gasp Collective, and won Local Spins' Emerging Artist of the Year award. His dedication to his craft shines in everything he does as a creator of songs, an educator of youth, and a heartfelt collaborator with other musicians in the Earthwork family and beyond.

Rachele Eve - A desert rock songstress and poet who brings her earth-based practices to her art and community building, Rachele Eve is a musical expeditionary who is currently delving into dance and ambient music with her new project Golden Hour. She is the creator of the micro-poetry/visual art project Secretexts. Rachele has done youth education work in collaboration with Earthwork through the SEEDS program and approaches her artistry through the lens and intention of healing and bringing humankind into a better relationship with each other and the earth.