Joe Reilly - Children of the Earth CD

Joe Reilly - Children of the Earth CD

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Songs about environmental science and stewardship.

"From mammals to amphibians, the water cycle to tomatoes, singer-songwriter Joe Reilly teaches kids about the importance of the environment through music- and invites them to sing along." ~National Public Radio’s Living On Earth

Released: 06/2007
Catalog ID: EW1680


  1. The Declaration of Interdependence
  2. I Love Nature
  3. Don't Pollute, Dora King
  4. The Huron River Stewardship Song
  5. The Rainy Day Song
  6. The Michigan Song
  7. Trees, Nora Sinnett
  8. Tree Hugging Song
  9. Help the Trees, Dora King
  10. If I Could Be Any Tree
  11. The Animals, Gabe Linderman
  12. The Animal Song
  13. What Makes a Bird a Bird?
  14. Mammals
  15. Raptor Rap
  16. Reptiles
  17. Plant Trees, Recycle, and Compost, Nora Sinnett
  18. Human Nature
  19. Hello Spring
  20. Our Magical Hike
  21. Oh Mosquito
  22. The Art of Nature
  23. Home
  24. Just Like You, Nora Sinnett
  25. Peace, Love, and Unity
  26. The Robot Song
  27. Grow
  28. I Won't Be Scared
  29. What Can We Do?
  30. Children of the Earth (feat. Nora Sinnett)