Joe Reilly - The Circle CD

Joe Reilly - The Circle CD

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Songs that celebrate community, diversity, and core democratic values. The album has four interviews with elders, who speak about civil rights, education, love, and gratitude. Includes two bilingual songs: one in Spanish and English, and another in Ojibwe and English.

Released: 10/2016
Catalog ID: EW


  1. Beyond Colors
  2. Diversity
  3. Elders' Wisdom: Jeannine Palms
  4. The Circle
  5. Our Detroit River
  6. Elders' Wisdom: Grace Lee Boggs
  7. Boggs School Song
  8. Friends
  9. Core Democratic Values
  10. Elders' Wisdom: Gilbert "Farmer Jack" Potter
  11. The Common Good
  12. One Community
  13. Las Mariposas
  14. Love Lives On
  15. Miigwech
  16. Elders' Wisdom: George Martin
  17. Thankful
  18. Snow Day
  19. Be Still and Know