Red Tail Ring - Fall Away Blues CD

Red Tail Ring - Fall Away Blues CD

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‘Fall Away Blues,’ the fourth full-length studio album from Red Tail Ring, is the culmination of years of writing, arranging, rewriting, and recording by Beauchamp-Cohen and Premo. Tracked by Ian Gorman of Kalamazoo’s beloved La Luna Studio, the album features eight original songs, three traditional interpretations, and one blistering tune. Woven together by Red Tail Ring’s signature instrumental variety (with guitar, fiddle, and both open-back and gourd banjos) and close harmony singing, the album spins tales of hard times, changing love, and the challenge of finding a place in the world. ‘Fall Away Blues,’ the title track, exemplifies the artistic thrust of the album by functioning both as a declarative command and as a hopeful prayer for better days ahead.

Released Sep 2, 2016


  1. Fall Away Blues
  2. Wondrous Love, Lay Aside Your Crown
  3. Love of the City
  4. Come All Ye Fair & Tender Ladies
  5. Gibson Town
  6. The New Homeplace
  7. Shale Town
  8. Visiting
  9. Camp Meeting on the 4th of July, May Day
  10. Yarrow
  11. A Ghost Whispers
  12. I'd Rather Be the Devil