Sari Brown - The Color Suite CD & Book

Sari Brown - The Color Suite CD & Book

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Sari Brown's second studio album, "The Color Suite," is a multimedia aesthetic experience that weaves lusciously sensorial songs together with a book of poems, short stories, and ephemeral snippets of dreams. The songs themselves are built around dream symbols and images that alternate between everyday strangeness and transcendent truth in a quest to heal and honor the inner feminine. The music features a mostly female backing band of May Erlewine, Jen Sygit, Laura Ann Bates, Susan Fawcett and Katie Grace, with Dan Piccolo on textured percussion and drums, Joey Dosik on saxophone, and Sari's Motown musician father Douglas Brown filling in piano and keys on some of the tracks.

Released: 05/2009
Catalog ID: EW11022


  1. Yellow Ring
  2. Blue Ribbon
  3. Orange Light
  4. Purple Mess
  5. Pink Ticket
  6. Red Line
  7. Green Midnight
  8. Lesley
  9. Gray Bowl
  10. Brown Sandstone
  11. Black Plume