Artist Resources

Welcome, Earthworkers! This page is a home for resources for us to keep traffic down in the google group. If you guys have anything you think should be listed, please email Ben Kolk (


Important documents:
Steering Committee Folder
Members Doc
Using Songkick for EW Live Show Section Aggregation
Earthwork Music Design Assets by Will Thomas
How to Livestream with OBS
Blog Tutorial from Matt
Social Media Roles & Tasks
Catalog Numbers
Selling Tickets & Merch Via the EW Website
Updating your bio on the EW Website
Earthwork Music Catalog - Audio n Assets

Google Calendar from the This will be a home for important dates. Album/single/video releases, blog posts due dates, larger collective events, etc. Email Ben Kolk if you want to be added to the calendar to create events.



HTML for Songkick widget:
<a href="" class="songkick-widget" data-theme="light" data-other-artists="on" data-track-button="on" data-detect-style="true" data-background-color="transparent" data-locale="en">Collective Artists tour dates</a>
<script src="//"></script>
<h3>Band #2</h3>


Product weights:

  • Single vinyl (180 gram) - 24.05 oz
  • CD sleeve - .8 oz
  • CD jewel case - 3.05 oz
  • CD digipak - 1.15 oz
  • Hat - ?
  • T-Shirt - 7.75 oz