Airborne or Aquatic? - Sisu CD

Airborne or Aquatic? - Sisu CD

Earthwork Music
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Recorded during a week-long session in an old Finnish play hall in a town called Rock, then fine-tuned by some of the Mitten's finest sound men, "SISU" features raw performances from a truly epic cast of Michigan musicians. It's a powerful sonic adventure from start to finish, from the deepest depths of heavy oceanic riff-rock, to the highest heights of atmospheric ambiance.

Released: 08/15/2014
Catalog ID: EW5903


  1. Field of Life
  2. Steel Merchants
  3. Skyryder
  4. Obsidian
  5. Tones of the Past
  6. Agua
  7. Live Life Live
  8. Scuba's Abyss
  9. You Be You
  10. Snake Bite Medicine
  11. Cut the Pain
  12. Where the Tall Grass Grows