Friends with the Weather - Friends with the Weather CD

Friends with the Weather - Friends with the Weather CD

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All songs: Lyrics by Chris Good & Seth Hendricks, music by Seth Hendricks
Light Awakes: Lyrics by Chris Good, Seth Hendricks & David Hupp, music by Seth Hendricks
Tell Me Stories: Lyrics by Chris Good, Music by Chris Good & Seth Hendricks
Moon & Stars and Love Wins: Lyrics & music by Seth Hendricks
On the Other Side Lyrics & music by Chris Good & Seth Hendricks

Additional notes:
Tell Me Stories: The lyric "You threw moonbeams with your smile. I almost lost my balance." is adapted from the poem "Senora" by Nate Waas Shull and used with permission.

Love Makes a Way: This song is inspired by the work & activism of Jarrod McKenna and the Love Makes a Way movement for immigrant rights in Australia.

Friends with the Weather is:

Seth Hendricks: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, wurlitzer, ukulele
David Hupp: piano, wurlitzer, hammond organ, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmony vocals
Chris Good: harmony vocals
Brennan Andes: upright and electric bass
Seth Bernard: acoustic and electric guitars
Julian Allen: drums, percussion, harmony vocals
Ross Huff: trumpet
Rachel Mazer: saxophone
Bethanni Grecynski: trombone
Lindsay Lou: vocals
James Cornelison: electric guitar
Madelyn Grant: vocals
Abby Alwin: cello
Jim Roll: harmony vocals

Produced by Chris Good and Seth Bernard

Recorded & Mixed by Jim Roll at Backseat Productions, Ann Arbor, MI.
Additional recording (piano) by Dave Schall of Dave Schall Acoustic, Ann Arbor, MI.
Mastered by Glenn Brown at GBP Studios, East Lansing, Michigan.
Friends with the Weather logo by Andy Wagoner.

Released 9/22/2016


FIRST MOVEMENT: "The Light Awakes"

  1. Blessed for the Journey
  2. Loveliness
  3. Light Awakes
  4. Tell me Stories (feat. Lindsay Lou)

SECOND MOVEMENT: "From the Darkness"

  1. It Gets Better
  2. Love Makes a Way
  3. Was it You
  4. Seriously (feat. Madelyn Grant)

THIRD MOVEMENT: "Over the Horizon"

  1. Ezra's Song
  2. Moon & Stars
  3. Love Wins (feat. Lindsay Lou)
  4. On the Other Side