Gifts or Creatures - Yesteryear Western Darkness CD

Gifts or Creatures - Yesteryear Western Darkness CD

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Brandon and Bethany Foote assembled a team of Michigan's finest musicians for their sophomore release, 'Yesteryear Western Darkness'. The ensemble focused album is brimming with electric guitars, Wurlitzer piano, pump organ, pedal steel and vibraphone. Throughout the record, Brandon's songs survey a wide gamut of historical themes and the ever-changing scenery of 21st century America.

Released September 3rd, 2013

Produced by Brandon John Foote & Samuel Seth Bernard
Engineered by Ian Gorman & Ben Lau in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Mixed by Ian Gorman & Brandon John Foote
Mastered by Glenn Brown
Strings recorded by Jesse Capon
String arrangements by Eli Bender

Brandon John Foote - vocals, electric & baritone guitars, handclaps
Bethany Foote - vocals, wurlitzer, pump organ, piano, handclaps
Samuel Seth Bernard - acoustic, electric & baritone guitars
Ty Forquer - vibraphone, percussion, crotales, toy piano, hand claps
Ryan Freitas- electric bass guitar, hand claps
Ian Gorman - electric bass guitar
Trevor Hobbs - drum kit, synthesizer
Joel Thiele - drum kit, hand claps
Drew Howard - pedal steel
John Hanson - handclaps
Eli Bender - cello
Rachel Capon - cello
Lea Kirstein - violin, viola


  1. Woodrow
  2. Relicts & Ghosts
  3. Gospel of Glaciers
  4. Lake Sturgeon
  5. Blind Pigs
  6. Leadlines
  7. Telegraph Tramp
  8. Ram's Horn
  9. American Pockets
  10. Royal Robe
  11. Ship of the Clouds