Joe Reilly - Let's Go Outside CD

Joe Reilly - Let's Go Outside CD

Earthwork Music
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A follow-up to Children of the Earth, this is Joe’s second album of environmental songs for kids of all ages.

Catalog ID: EW1364


  1. Wake Up
  2. What Makes Me Happy
  3. True Nature
  4. On the Earth
  5. I Wanna Just Play
  6. Let's Go Outside
  7. Decompose
  8. So That the Bugsies Can Live
  9. Biodiversity
  10. Turkey Vulture!
  11. Amphibians
  12. Endangered Species
  13. To My Future Generations
  14. Ecoquest
  15. Meet Me in Michigan
  16. Dirty Water Blues
  17. Move Like Water
  18. Stop Polluting
  19. Deep Sea, Open Sea
  20. My Community
  21. The Way That Nature Sings
  22. Dreams of Flying
  23. Good Night