Ralston Bowles - Carwreck Conversations

Ralston Bowles - Carwreck Conversations

Earthwork Music
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Released: 03/2004
Catalog ID: EW0601

Carwreck Conversations, Ralston Bowles’ debut, is a mature, thoughtful portrait of age, youth, and the place “where dreams and truth collide.” Along the way he aims more questions inward than at the outside world, without ever falling prey to easy rationalizations or self-pity… He brings space, tension, and even sweetness to the music, which become part of the songs, and not just window dressing. This is folk-rock in the best sense of the word. Complex yet simple, much of Carwreck Conversations can be summed up in the extended metaphor of the record’s closer, “Draper”: “And I am but a draper in a room of wool/Looking for a pattern feeling like a fool/Trying to take this fabric, stretch it to the seams/Trying to find what’s woven/Underneath these tailored dreams.”


  1. What Kind of Friend
  2. You Already Knew That
  3. What About Me
  4. Everybody But You
  5. James Dean
  6. Being Young
  7. Fragile
  8. Grace
  9. One More Holiday
  10. Draper