Red Tail Ring - The Heart's Swift Foot CD

Red Tail Ring - The Heart's Swift Foot CD

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'The Heart's Swift Foot,' Red Tail Ring's third full-length studio album, features mournful heart ballads, upbeat bluegrass-influenced riffs, and fierce old-timey fiddle instrumentals. As Jasmine Zweifler, of iSpy, puts it, "it was Beauchamp-Cohen and Premo’s intent to create a record that sounded as close to their live performances as possible, with simplicity and intuition playing central roles. And they succeed mightily. 'The Heart’s Swift Foot' is an album that is remarkable for what it isn’t just as much as what it is. It isn’t flashy, it isn’t self-conscious and it isn’t likely to inspire a million spinoff YouTube videos. But for that reason it feels like a life-giving breath into the stale and stagnant lungs of radio approved ubiquity."

Released 2013


  1. Ohio Turnpike
  2. Katy Came Breezing
  3. Dirt Triangle
  4. The Heart's Swift Foot
  5. J in the Broom Straw
  6. Queen of the West, And Other Stories
  7. A Clearing in the Wind
  8. Suffer Every Sound
  9. Body Like a Bell
  10. St. James Hospital
  11. Ladies' Choice Waltz
  12. My Heart's Own Love