Sari Brown - For What is the Journey CD

Sari Brown - For What is the Journey CD

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The debut full-length studio album from Sari Brown, written and recorded when she was only 16 years old, is a collection of unconventional spirituals that explore the darker side of faith, longing, and lost innocence, yet also brims with hope and irreverent wisdom. The playful, soothing Americana sound of the album features an all-star cast of Michigan musicians, including Seth Bernard, Daniel Kahn, Jeremy Kittel, Dominic Davis, Joshua Davis, and Joe Wilson.

Released: 05/2004
Catalog ID: EW11011


  1. Rollerblades
  2. Redemption
  3. These Sweet Hills
  4. Faith
  5. Jesus's Waltz
  6. Travel With You
  7. Hubbardston
  8. Riding
  9. The Creator
  10. Asleep By This Hour
  11. Hymns in Minor Keys