Seth Bernard - Unrest and Rest LP/CD/Tape

Seth Bernard - Unrest and Rest LP/CD/Tape

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Released: 9/4/2023
Catalog ID: EW0036

Seth Bernard will release his new record “Unrest and Rest” on September 4th (Labor Day). As always, Seth’s new music has been crafted with great care. This set is a sonic feast, and an offering of courage and comfort. Repeated listening rewards the listener, revealing the depths of the arrangements, the intention of the production choices, and the story of the sequence.

“Unrest and Rest” covers a broad spectrum of Seth’s musicality, from densely textured and heavy rocking numbers to sparse delicate acoustic zones, ambient and experimental passages, and exquisite instrumental waltzes.

This collection also contains some new territory, featuring extended instrumental passages carried by Seth’s melodic guitar work and saxophones played by U.P.-based tastemaker Patrick Booth. Rising star Charlie Millard is a welcome addition on keys of all kinds: piano, organ, Rhodes, and garage sale Casios. Lavish vocal harmonies are provided by Samantha Cooper and Gabrielle Schaub. Drums and bass duties are split between two teams - Mike Shimmin (the Olllam) and Justin Avdek (Earth Radio), and Adam Danis (Fake Baseball, Gregory Stovetop) and Dominic Davis (Jack White, Jason Isbell). Samantha Cooper and Jordan Hamilton’s violin and cello add lushness and support throughout. Engineering and production was once again handled by the brilliant Ian Gorman at La Luna Recording and Sound. The music reflects the dual themes expressed in the title: Unrest and Rest.

“Unrest is the social upheaval and rapid transformation we’re living through. Rest is the tender sanctuary and safe space we need to stay well and keep choosing love and doing our work. This is music for the times we’re living in. If you listen more, you will hear more. We put some magic into it.” -Seth Bernard


  1. Boundary Magic
  2. Music Reminds Us
  3. Return to Love
  4. Grace Road
  5. Touch the Earth
  6. Think Outside the System
  7. Manitou
  8. Spirit World
  9. Dream Wolf Dance
  10. Oracle's Waltz (for Chelsea Coy)
  11. Universal Energy