The Go Rounds - Dont Go Not Changin CD

The Go Rounds - Dont Go Not Changin CD

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Recorded in 2015 at Backseat Studios, Ann Arbor, MI // Sage Sonics, Kalamazoo, MI

All Songs by The Go Rounds
Lyrics by Graham Parsons
Produced by Ben Cohen, Graham Parsons and Benjamin Lau
Mastered by Ian Gorman at La Luna Studio
Artwork by Eana Agopian

Released: 08/01/2015
Catalog ID: EW9415


  1. Texas Desert Rose
  2. Waxy Moon Pie
  3. No Rival
  4. Lay With Love
  5. All Rise
  6. Shock n Awe
  7. Make it Sweeter
  8. Do You (I Do)
  9. Monica
  10. Bottle o Wine