The Go Rounds - I Promise I Won't Get Hurt CD

The Go Rounds - I Promise I Won't Get Hurt CD

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All songs written and performed by The Go Rounds except 'bright morning stars' - Traditional
Artwork by Eana Apple Agopian
Featuring: Nashon Holloway - voice on 'how?'
Samantha Cooper - violin, Cori Beth Somers - violin
Will Preece - cello
Josh Holcomb - viola

Strings on 'how?' arranged by: Theodore 'Janga' Ndawillie II
Recorded by: Joel Pixley-Fink at Western Sound Studios in Kalamazoo, MI (thanks John Campos!) and Rafael Chavez Moreno at Sonora Studios in Goshen, IN
Additional recording by: Ben Cohen at Dream Louder in Toledo, OH, Ian Gorman at La Luna Studio in Kalamazoo, MI and Peter Fox at Stone House in Grand Rapids, MI
Produced by: Ben Cohen, Graham Parsons, Benjamin Lau and The Go Rounds
Mastered by: Glenn Brown at GBP Studios, East Lansing, Michigan
Keith Kinnear was involved in the making of this project.

Released: 09/2016
Catalog ID: EW0030


  1. bright morning stars
  2. cage divine
  3. private slum
  4. how?
  5. lonely unison
  6. bright morning stars