The Quest - Something Fresh CD

The Quest - Something Fresh CD

Earthwork Music
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Together SEEDS, Earthwork Music and Blackbird Arts are planning a journey - a quest - to reconnect K-12 youth throughout northwest Michigan to their own sources of creativity, power and voice while cultivating a healthy relationship with food and the fine arts. With support from the Michigan Council of Arts and Cultural Affairs and the Michigan Department of Education, SEEDS is launching The Quest 2015! This year’s theme is nourishing minds, bodies and souls through creative expression and good food!

Throughout the spring and summer, Earthwork Music Collective musicians will help students craft songs derived from recipes, experiences and the diverse food cultures that make up their place. They’ll work side-by-side with SEEDS Education Specialists who offer Culinary Skills and Academic Integration. The journey ends with a community performance on July 2 at Milliken Auditorium.

Released: 06/2015


  1. Fruit Salad
  2. Free Showers
  3. Veggie Garden
  4. Rock and Roll Pizza
  5. Food is Full of Goodness
  6. Blues Medley (Dig the Beet)
  7. Farmer's Market Dinner
  8. Make the Earth Work for You / Working On a Compost
  9. Smells Like Home Cookin'
  10. Cherry Love